How to use different fonts while typing your messages on WhatsApp

As-salāmu ʿalaykum

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Many of you would have been getting or receiving messages from your friends which are likely to astonish somehow, but do not be frightened, today I am disclosing the tips for typing your messages systematically.

To begin with, there are for now three typing styles as WhatsApp feature, these styles are as follow:

(1) Bold
(2) Italic
(2) Gaping

In a nutshell, to write your message in bold.
Type "*" without the colon followed by another "*" for example I want to make "Yunus Olukodo" I will type it like in *Yunus Olukodo* once you typed it its font changes immediately even without sending the message

To get this done, type this symbol "_" followed by your message then close it with the symbol "_" again.
For example, Let's apply that to "SYO" follow this format _SYO_ and then send to your target.

Is also another  style which can be applied this way, there is this symbol "`" type that three times "```" followed by your message and type  it three times again "```"
For example, ```Yunus Olukodo ``` that also changes the font from its initial font or style .

Fourthly and Finally.

To  achieve this, type this symbol "~" your message then followed by "~"  for example, ~Yunus Olukodo ~

For recognition purpose view the screenshot below:

That shows how the thing works.

Thanks for reading, kindly comment below if there is any question or let me know if you have benefited from this thread.

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