Learn How to Appreciate Your Brother's Efforts

*_Learn to Appreciate, it is part of the Sunnah_*

Quite ago, I have noticed this fatal mistake from my brothers and sisters-in-course, whenever information is brought to us many of us do not appreciate, perhaps,  this sounds sordid and err, because no one would want to respond to you when he/she for one reason or the others observed, aware and or got an information and wants it to be known by others (You/us) then decided to make it abruptly be televised or transmitted.

The messenger of Allāh (May peace and blessings or Allāh be showered upon him)  Said: *He, who does not appreciate human alike, will not appreciate the Immortal Being (Allāh).*

With the above prophetic tradition, such an attitude; _is this correct, when is that, hmmm, are you sure? (Reader, asking the author or the poster) and the likes_ are very wrong ideas.
This is wrong because, even Islāmically, before you verified an information you are expected to appreciate its author or poster, indeed, appreciation is not all about avoid wasting your time rather it is about showing interesting in the prophet's sunnah, he (The Prophet) taught us concise but meaningful word of appreciation which is *"Jazākumullāhu Khaira"* this is OK and even it is under preference to the witty and whizz-kids.

*The authors*, I intend you ponder over this to an extent of Senatorship, a writer (Prof ) in the university of ours (Better by far, University of Ilorin, Ilorin.) advised or advises viz:  *_he, WHO writes to impress, will always be bad, while he, WHO writes to express will always be good_.

This Prof, based his thinking faculty on the prophet's Hadith that says: *In every action is intention and action shall be rewarded according to intention*. Dear writer(s) do not deny yourself(selves) of gigantic rewards, always choose the second part of the mystical quotation (I.e, Write to express not to impress) you can even choose to keen your writings on that of *Satire*. And do always remember this Qur'anic verse: _(Saying): We feed you (I, write to express), for the sake of Allah only. We wish for no reward nor thanks from you;_

*-Sura Al-Insan, Ayah 9*.

In conclusion, this write-up is born out as a result of transcendental behavior and it is not confined to religious writers alone rather a feast for the wise writers who whose faculty remain dynamic in term of ability to express.

*Direction;* this (Article) goes straight as much as possible to satirize our lacking in common senses of the commoner (those who cannot engender to writing  an iota of word of expression but are very good in taking out the writers' shortfalls)  among us (the Islamists), it is not, but an admonition to those people of such attitudes.

Writing is not easy but reading is more harder, while should then not learn to appreciate, the one who writes uses time while the one who reads does the same and time is costy but its wastage is touchy, hence, let's learn to appreciate and not digitate.

Thanks for reading, as you are ready to ponder May we all be blessed by the one who blesses and whose hand is Power of Blessing.

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