The Essence Of Love In Allāh Without an Atom Of Doubt

In the name of Allāh, The Entirely Merciful and Especially Beneficent.

Life would without meanings when Faith is absent.

In all ramifications, no one who lives in life without a Faith but the question that can only be established on this goes directly without any frighten that are you a correct adherent of the Faith your  heart establishes or a wrong establisher ?

Indeed, we need an in depth sense of thinking before a particular faith should be addressed to be wrong, the Faith is correct is it is established on the fact that The Creator of Creatures.

There is another meaningful and tangible question here, this question is viz; Who is The Creator! ?

The creator, is that which is divisible or invisible due to the Power of Thrones and Authorities, it cannot be said and be agreed to be apt when we say Creator (God) is that which we see, observe, or perceive the action performed, rather The Creator (God) is He who gives life takes it and preserves it whenever He will and wherever He wants.

This God, Is known as Allāh (The Creator) why should we establish the ownership of the Entire earths and Heaven and that within them,  we are not the one to establish this fact because should be established and it has been established by Allāh  Himself in his Book (Al-Qur'an, revealed to the seal of the Prophets ,"Muhammad the Son of Abd-Allah's (PBUH).

Allāh Says:

To be continued......

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