Full pictures of the new born goat with the name of Allaah in Ilorin East

Up to this moment some people are yet to believe in the authenticity of this remarkable occurrence which described and can also be proved as one of the signs that the religion of Islam is the real path to salvation, ever since when I have been born or before it I have never heard where the word "Jesus" happened remarkably as this .
We are telling you that this occurrence is not at all a lie rather it is for real because we did not write anything about it not until we went there to see it in camera and we are happy to tell you that all the pictures that we added to this post were taken by us not third party.

The pictures are;

This occurrence happened in Ilroin west local government Alagbado area and the owner of the goat is a Christian if I am not forgetting the man when we got there was called Baba Emanuel.

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