Get 3GB on Airtel with N1000 instead 1.5GB with N1000

We keep on making researches in order to feed our audience with latest and hot subscriptions, we all know that currently in Nigeria today subscription is highly competitive between our network providers I think this is why Airtel introduced this new subscription to their active subscribers.
As  you can see that I have underlined "Active subscribers" Yes, it is because this subscription has to do with qualification then do stress further you are one of the qualified subscribers just reader my further but if you are the type that do not subscribe often we will one day or soon provide you too with a cheap subscription all you need to do is just keep visiting us constantly a lot.

How to check your qualification status:
this can be done within twinkle of an eye by dial a USSD code which are sharing with you now.

To check just dial this code;
*144# if you are qualified you will get a  notification like the one on my picture below;

If you get something different to that then you are not qualified for the offer, but if you get the same message kindly proceed by choosing "1" and click "send/Ok' .
it will be processed and you will receive a notification from Airtel network informing that you have successfully subscribed to Airtel data offer, see the picture below
Note: Never should you recharge directly from your bank account and ensure you purchase a hand-to-hand N1000 cash, this is the only way you'll be given the extra bonus to call, N500 for Aitel to Airtel and N500 for other networks.
You can always check your data and bonus by dialing *223# or *140# .

Are you not qualified?
If you are not qualified you may also subscribe for the normal Airtel subscription which is 1.5GB for N1000 by dialing *496# keep using this and sooner ofrlatter you will also be qualified.

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