How to backup your phone contacts against SIMCARD damage or loss (it Works and free)

Losing one's whole contacts (phone numbers) is a great calamity most especially for politicians, business managers, real and international business directors and higher institution students this is because when one loses one's contacts there is tendency that some numbers may not be regained, hence I once talked to myself on how this problem could be absolutely put stop to because a person cannot avoid losing or simcard damage if not stolen then may be lost and or even if not lost may be damaged without any cause.
Therefore, I am indulged and feel totally happy to bring this benefit-exclusive tutorial to the hearing of my readers and I do hope it is gonna be useful.

Have you gotten many contacts on your phone and you want to keep them permanently secured?

OK, I have said it all before now that I'll drop the tutorial now, just read me throughout;

A permanent solution to keep your phone numbers relies solely on the Google storage called GOOGLE DRIVE which can as well be used for not alone phone numbers.

You may want to ask what google drive is?

Google drive is one of the Google softwares that is used for keeping essential documents such as; school credentials, business records, educational documents, scanned documents and or  religious audio or video clips e.t.c.

Going back to the business,  this software (Google Drive) may be found in some phones but not all, if you can find it on your own phone you are good to go but if you cannot find it then don't be panicked I'll rescue you out with this post on getting yours.

To download Google Drive on your android phone(s) you need to do that using Playstore, playstore is also a Google software that android users use tfir downloading and installation of applications.

This software (Playstore) is automatically found in all android phones.

You should check yours, although there some people who are not used to play-store, however, if you are one of these people it means that you are logging in for the first time, on logging in, your log should look like the picture below
Now, you need to search and download Google Drive by searching using the method below
OK, Pick the name which I have ticked in the screenshot below, then your next page is going to look like this
Now, Click on "Install" then allow it to be installed successfully.

Now go back to your phone menu (Application menu) and then search for "Drive"

The application is always the same in all phones, it should be exactly like the one on the picture below

Now, that you've installed your "Google Drive" you will now search for "Contacts"

By contact, I mean where numbers are usually saved to on your mobile phone.

Note:  I mean "Contacts" not "Phone" see it below on this picture

Click to open it, you know contact is always like this sample

good, now select all your contacts by firstly clicking on any name then look at your upper left-hand corner and click on "select all" as showing below

When you have clicked on any name then after it you should click "Select" then "Select all" if you do as you are instructed you should arrive to what you can see on the picture below

As you can also see it below that I have marked/selected "281" numbers.

Your contacts would determine the number of numbers yours would be.

Now, you are to share the selected numbers to your Google Drive by looking up to your upper-hand right side and click on the "..." (Three horizontal dots) which in computer term called "Drop down" as seen below Delete, Emerge, Share  in some phone it usually not  the same but whatever be the case all you need to do is just to select this button called "Share
an example provided below

When you've clicked it you will see as you're seeing on the screenshot below

Now, click on the "share" button and this page will  prompt up

When you have shared it, you will be taken to your Google drive page, but if you are using this the first time, you will need to scroll down a little before you see the Google Drive application,  when you have seen it, choose "Google Drive " .

Note: Some time you will need to click "See all" so as to see all the softwares that you have not chosen using the share button fir prior to that time, whatever deem suitable then do and let's proceed.

Upon clicking the share button you must be taken to this page as seen below

Filling in the form above,  In document tittle choose any name you will like your file to be backup with, for example in my own I have chosen "Mtn ii" meaning that my SIM 2 which is my MTN line contacts, now you need just to change it from "vcards_20170930_074121.vcf" from that to any name you prefer but don't ever change " .vcf "  (if you are not uploading contacts, your document type will be the name you will see e.g mp3, mp4, 3gp e.t.c)  because that is the file extension that your documents would be saved with.

On the account you may change it or leave it, but ensure it set to your current gmail address which you have used to sign in your Google Drive (Google Account products such as ; Google +, Gmail etc) after all this now click on "Save" .
After saving it, it will be moved to Google but not yet being saved because it will be awaiting you to connect to a Wi-Fi network which seems annoying, but to avoid waiting  until you are connected to wi-fi , you need to go and open Google Drive from your applications and then click on the reload button as seen on my picture below

You may also wipe down your phone screen as you used to do whenever you want to on your mobile data and click as seen below

Congratulations! You've just learnt a permanent storage which keeps your documents for future reference or usages.

Now the next thing you need to learn is how to restore your contact back when your SIMCARD damaged or lost  (Note: you don't need restore if what you're saving is not phone contacts e.g audio or video files.


To do that, on your new device (phone) open Google drive and then click on your saved document then you will be asked if you want to restore it just press "Yes" then select where you will like to restore it to e.g SIM 1 or SIM 2 and even you may restore it to your gmail and it will appear on your contact after restoring it.
See this picture for example 


this is what you will see on your screen once you have clicked on your backup contacts, then you must see as seeing on the picture below

when your restore  (Import ) is processing you will see this

 Now finally, you're done, when it is done you will see a success message on your screen.

Note: you must allow your file to upload before you off your data.
Now that you have done all that, check back your "Contacts" to have access to your numbers.

Please I will like to receive your questions and suggestions below and don't forget to share us with your friends.


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