How to download/Save WhatsApp Image status uploaded by your friends

 WhatsApp without doubt is one of the best social networks used constantly a lot in the world most especially the best social network application to Nigerians is WhatsApp.

WhatsApp recently introduced a feature called "WhatsApp status" this feature is really really trending and WhatsApp users are really making use of this feature but I noticed in most of my status updates the comments I get most is "Please send this picture to me" this is why I go on research to finding means of saving WhatsApp images without the consent of owner but to my dismay through out my search I could not get a standard method than "Cropping" so in this tutorial I will be using "Cropping" and "screenshot" method.

Let take a purse to introduction now and go straight away to the main tutorial.
The first step is to take your screenshot then after it you edit or amend your screenshot to look exactly like the status you are copying.

How to take the screenshot
Though, I am more than very sure that majority of my readers know how to take screenshots because I am not just discussing how to screenshot but for the newbies I would have to discuss it here again should as to carry them (our newbies) along too.

To take your screenshot, depending on the type of phone you are using but it almost the same button only directions are different the but people use for taking screenshot are only two and these are
Volume Down and Power button, but in order to put them to function, ensure you are on the WhatsApp status you are downloading when it has been loaded completely now at once press the Volume down and the power buttons together, when you prss and hold the two buttons together until you hear a sound (the sound is usually camera sound).

The next thing is to remove unnecessary part of the screenshot by cropping it out.

To crop out the screenshot image, open >>Gallery

From your Gallery, open your screenshots and you will see the just screenshot image and click on "Drop Down" as seen on this picture

 when you click that you will see some texts seen on the picture below
You have clicked that too, pick the highlighted text "Crop" now you image will be for effect icons which are as seen below
Here what you need to do is to adjust the icon Up and down and do not touch the ones right and left, see this iamge I have highlighted the icons
Adjust it to your taste by moving the down one to up a little and the up to down a little then your image will remain like the one seen below after your adjustments
Now click on "Save" to finish your editing.
You can now upload the image anywhere you wish.

Note: the method can be used to copy any page of your phone such as on internet connections, Twitter, Facebook pages and the likes.

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