How to stop unwanted SMS alerts from Nigerian network operators

In Nigeria today, expecting vital SMS alert now leading to abrupt hypertension this is as result of messages we receive from network providers such as; MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL and the likes whereas exacting alert should be at comfort of the receiver, therefore I'll Inshâ' Allaah be giving you a last longer solution to this unending-tag problem.

In all networks, to cancel or stop unsolicited SMS alerts such as; Sport, religious, games advertisements e.t.c. we will just using DND, DND simply mean "Do Not Disturb" this is the general or let me say official title of this method of stopping unwanted SMS alerts.

It is quiet almost the same in all networks (I mean the same method works for all networks)

To Stop such messages kindly follow this  procedures.

Go on to your "message "  then in recipient box type 2442 while under message body type HELP  then send.
See my example below
Once you've done that you must receive a message counterpart to the one on my picture below
Now to activate FULL DND, activating full DND means you will not receive including your financial and bank SMS alert to do that send "STOP" to "2442" and then you will receive this message 
you will receive another SMS that "Full DND is now active on your line" when you have received that you will then need to activate SMS alert for banking so as to be able to receive your banking alerts .
To do that, as you have previously been exposed in your first message, just send  "1" to "2442" and you will receive another message like the one on picture below 
Now you'll be receiving bank SMS peacefully and all network advertisements alerts have been stopped.
Note: this activation does not affect normal SMS to be received from phone numbers but it does just for annoyance advertisements alone.

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