How to Track Your Android Phones to Know When Lost

Losing or stealing phone this day, is an inevitable accident, but research kills stealers, in this tutorial you will learn how to track your android phone is you phone has what is called "Mobile Anti-Theft" security guard.

Knowing if there is that in your phone is something very easy, the phone which I have carried out my research on and I discovered this tutorial is "Infinix Hot 4" user of Infinix hot 4 I congratulate you and welcome you to this article but if you are using a phone different to that, you should also check first if there is this security set up in your phone.

How to check if your phone is built with this security set up.

On your Android phone.
Go to >> Settings>>Security then search for "Mobile anti-theft" see the demo below

When you click on "Mobile Anti-theft" above this page must be prompted up
Choose "Setup new settings".

You will need to choose your anti-theft Pin which must not less than 12digits you may use your phone umber and add any one digit number to make it 12digits.

When you click on " Next" as you can see it right from my picture above, the next page is to put in your emergency contacts.

What is emergency contact for?

Emergency contact; this is required because it is this contact (number) you will use as your security number I.e a message will be sent to the number that you phone have been stolen, this is exactly the message "My phone may be stolen keep sending me message".

Now you have completely tracked your phone.

What is the benefit of tracking? 
Tracking (this method) allow a phone owner to quick know when his/her phone get lost because it used to take a longer time before one knows that one's phone has been lost therefore since immediately your SMCARD is being removed you will be notified on your emergency contact(s) and this is why we advice you to use your second number if are not using the same number for it but if you are using the same number you use somebody who you do stay together often or use your husband/wife's number and keep her/him informed so as to quickly inform you when message received.

When I have gotten message that my phone has been lost what can I do?

In some cases, people used to save educational/essential documents on their ohine such as : scanned documents, PDF documents e.t.c and will not be happy when these documents are seen or exposed in this case this tutorial is very useful because you can use your emergency contacts to wipe the phone without knowing where it is or change the phone's password.

How can I wipe the phone or lock the phone?

To wipe the phone, to wipe the phone on your emergency contact go to >>Message then in your message body write #Wipe# to the number use lost your phone with and the phone will be wiped immediately.

For more, follow the image below

How to check if I got this tutorial or how it works

If you want know how it works after finish the settings, just remove your simcad from your just tracked phone and check your SMS alert on the emergency contacts, you will notice that a message will be sent to the numbers immediately.

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