Joblessness, which is tantamount to poverty and poverty which is one of the numerous plagues to the prosperity of our beloved country;Nigeria, the growth at which it's growing by the day is alarmingly mind-blowing.

I can remember growing up, everyone wanted to be either a pilot, an engineer, medical doctor,  a lawyer and every other topnotch profession you can think of but never a driver! In fact, our ignorance made us believe the vocation of automobile mechanic is not a good calling and as such, nobody ever wanted to be a mechanic. But even at this quarter of the world, a number of automobile mechanics are well to do.

But the reality of poverty in our beloved country is dawning faster than we imagined and not every child can afford to  see the realization of their dreams as exemplified in the case of the  man in the image above.

This man is literally begging to be offered any job ranging from gardner, driver or a security officer as he's tired of begging for alms while he's still able!

It's so unfortunate!  no one ever wished to become a driver but apparently, this man has exhausted his chances of surviving and as we all know ; there's no dignity in begging. Pls help this humble man in whichever way you can even if it's by sharing this post. I hope it goes a long way in helping the man meet his helper who would employ him so he can survive!

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