Whatsapp is a fantastic app and a social media, one of the greatest networks in the world's social scene with over 1billion users across the world.

The struggle of Whatsapp to remain one of the best (arguably the best) social networks is second to none. The fact that the management update a feature or the other virtually every 3weeks is a pointer to that fact; likewise, the introduction of Whatsapp story where one can upload media files which would be on display for 24hours from the time of upload.

Recently, a pencil icon symbolizing "text-writing" on status was incorporated in furtherance of the goal (of remaining relevant in the social scene).

The focus of this post however is to deliver a tutorial on how to save Whatsapp status videos.

Apparently, the videos uploaded on whatsapp are data-charged precedent; and in essence, the videos you check from your friends' status wait to download before you view.

So, requesting people to share videos every time is synonymous to downloading them twice(yes, twice- because you've downloaded one on your status) which is pretty much uneconomic for you both.

Apart from this, expecting people to share might be disturbing(to them) if it becomes every time! Coupled with the fact that they might not always be available to share.

Therefore, it's best for you to resort to these steps in saving already viewed media files!

There are just 9/10 steps to saving the media files.

Follow the signs

Step 1: The Journey begins with locating your file manager on your menu.

Step2: Having clicked on your file manager, locate your whatsapp folder. (As the circular mark indicates.) and click on it

Step3: Navigate to the folder named "media" and open

Step4: After opening the folder, usually, the first folder you'd see is "statuses". It's a temporary folder which refreshes every 24hours. It's where all your viewed statuses are temporarily stored.

Step5: Just if you couldn't find the "statuses" folder, don't panic, it simply means it's hidden. Simply click on the colon on the top right corner (sometimes symbolized by an eye- depending on the phone brand) to unhide it as indicated by the circular mark(and then open) .

Step6: Usually, the first set of files you would see are images. The videos are located at the bottom of the folder. Just scroll down.

Step7: Press and hold the video file(s) you wish to copy

Step8: Having done this, you should see an icon (enclosed in the square icon) at the bottom, click on it. Bravo! Your file has been copied.

Step9: Now exit the "statuses" folder and navigate to your "Whatsapp videos" folder and repeat the step in 8 above to paste it by clicking on the marked icon at the bottom of the folder.

Step10: You've successfully copied your video(s)  now go to your gallery to view it!

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