Your smart phone is pretty much the closest thing to you, and as a matter of fact  it's the last thing a vast majority of people touch at night and first in the morning; I guess that aims at buttressing HOW close and important smart phones to people are.

This post is strictly for smartphone lovers(especially Android) ;hence, if you're not a social media freak or you're the type that ''anything goes, as far as I'm reachable on my line", this post isn't for you.

So, do you wish to use something(a smartphone) better than the one you're currently using? Or the thought of ever using a smartphone you've once used makes you frown your face inadvertently because it's a NO WAY?

There are some things you probably didn't know or didn't take cognisance of while you were buying that smart phone you'd never use again and only courtesy will make you appreciate it if anyone gifts you.

There are several things to consider when buying a smartphone, new or fairly used; but we've taken our time to make it concise for ease of understanding.

What to worry about in a smartphone includes:

1. The brand-
You should be wary of the brand. Questions like these should be asked: Is it a very unpopular brand? How reliable is their product?  In case of unforeseen circumstances, can I get the smartphone parts at a snap or I would have to go through a rigorous process of ordering the smartphone's parts from the country where it was manufactured? Well, the brand doesn't matter as much as  the reliability of the brand and how affordable are the solutions of the unforseen circumstances.

In essence, the reliability of a brand is not unconnected with their popularity in the market.

2. Budget-

Low budget is one of the reasons why some people have fallen victims of undesired smart phones. If I had such and such amount of money,  I would have bought a better phone- Is all they say.

Don't let your budget constraint make you fall victim. If you can't afford your desired brand, then look for an alternative which is: a well rated brand which is cheaper and has similar specifications with that which you can't afford. But patience is a virtue.

3. Specifications : Asides the brand or budget, specifications  are the only reasons why a smartphone MAKES SENSE or doesn't. The brand may not be attractive, but if what it can do is  satisfactorily amazing, then you've the right phone. What your smartphone can or can't do are subject to the specifications. We'll proceed to highlight the foremost specifications to look for in a smartphone.

RAM&ROM-  For the RAM, 2gb RAM should be the benchmark of your choice. Never buy a smartphone with less than 2gb RAM. The pain will last the lifetime of the smartphone.

And as for the ROM, 16gb ROM should be the benchmark of your choice. Because the only portion that will be available for use is just 11gb for storage the remaining 5gb would be used for system files. Thank God 16gb ROM are gradually going into abeyance with the introduction of smart phones with upwards of 32gb ROM and 3gb RAM. But for the time being, never buy a smart phone whose RAM is less than 2gb(1gb at worse but not strongly advised) and 16gb ROM.

SCREEN RESOLUTION : Smart phones are only smart with particular reference to their screen size. If it's still smart phone anything from 5inches, 5.5 is ideal. Anything extremely more than is a tablet and not smartphone say 10-12 inches.
And more importantly, it MUST be HD  for perfect visual functions.

PROCESSOR- Quad core should be the benchmark of your processor. It's the least you should have.

BATTERY LIFE- If you care so much about how long your smartphone battery lasts, then the ideal battery life is upwards 3000mAH. It should last up to 8-10hours before it exhausts. 4000mAH is guaranteed to last up to 10hours of frequent use (if not more than). I actually use a smartphone of 4000mAH and I can manage the battery for 24hours. You should look for upwards of 3000 or  4000mAH.

3G/WiFi it's rare to find mobile phones with the aforementioned specifications without 3G or Wi-Fi connection. The least you will get that I can almost guarantee is a 3G connection although there are now mobile phones with 4G+ connections e.t.c. But 3G is the commonest. 3G is not a bad network and it's the most available network after 2G and edge which are the bad and worst network connections respectively.

Therefore, you'd not regret using a 3G phone where the network is available but you may aim

 DUAL SIM PORTS- It's not much of a problem. A phone is not bad if it has a single SIM card port. But a dual SIM card port will save you the rigor of going about with 2mobile phones and it's quite economical and smart to have a dual SIM ports if one has 2SIM cards.

Mega pixel- 8.0 for rear camera and 5.0 for front are okay anything more than is good and anything less than is poor. Aim for 8.0(rear camera) mega pixels and 5.0mega pixels for the  front camera.

NB: This applies vastly to Android operating systems(and a little or not to other operating systems) because Android is the commonest of the operating systems.

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