An experienced and expert professor of academic field will not read this except he sees it very interesting, this is because knowledge is the goal of an intellect wherever it is found it is taken.

I, as a blogger and developer, I discovered that whenever I try things out I face fatal problems and an inevitable errors but I learnt along the way nothing is as good as knowledge, Google search engine is what our professors and lecturers in our various schools use while when teaching, we feel so much anxieties to be like them even many of them publish books often and often whereas not all these books they write themselves but they are as results of creativies in carrying out resesrches using Google search engine, I'm very sure enough that this is not strange or mealiness to some of us.

Those professors, if you do notice they hang-round the corners while holding there systems (lap-tops) this is because it is an instrument when not found around, works are not executable unlike majority of us, we play only on systems because we do not know what is its value.

Today, God willing.... I'm giving you vast exposure of what many of them used computers do on Google search engine.

What am I saying?

Yes, if you want to be well acquinted with google search engine certain things are out to be learnt, they're as thus;

Targetting a specific website while searching google out;

It is candid enough, to say this is one of the features of the secretes I'm revealing in this tutorial, when developers talk of website targeting, they mean it because they are the ones who developed the websites hence they know better about it than others, when googling, do target websites because when you searched google whoever had written articles among the developers would have his or her articles visible as results for your query irrespective of your field, right or wrong.
For this reason to avoid results from all websites in the world we use a trick but we call it google search code, this code is use for commanding google that this the category of result I'm searching for and google displays results based on your command.
This code is "Info:" all you need to do is to add your word after it.

For instance, you are a Muslim, you know there are different sects in Islâm which everyone one of them claims to be right but reverse is the case.
So you are at the same time a Muslim and sunni then you are seeking google to provide results from Ahlus sunnah creeds you now add your word in Google tpying box this way;
Info: From Ahlus sunnah: what is Islâm? Sesceh it and whatever result you will be provided with would be from Ahlus sunnah creeds.
The same method applicable to websites, assuming you know a website but can no longer recall the correct link but you recall some parts.
We are using as an example.
Info: (I used instead of syo)you will now be scrolling until you find the correct name for the webiste. We use the same method to traget professional reports and or resrsches too such as: Medicine, lawyer, Sewing materials etc.


As the name suggests, this is a way of searching for documents such as schools assignments, books, applications etc
 Firstly, before you use this you must have known the extension (type) of the documents you love most to get, e.g PDF, APK, JPG, MP4, .RAR

This is also simple, all you need to do is just type it and add to the back of your words, the extension.
Example, I'm searching for a book titled
"Do not be sad" if I search it directly as written, I will not get what I am searching for, but to get the exact file search it by adding the file's extension.
Info: Do not be sad.pdf

Now, that is for ebook but ssuming I need a picture that tells or has something exactly like do not be sad.
Just type info: do not be sad.jpg the same applicable to other extensions such as; applications, scholars, if you want to read articles just search directly without adding an extension.

Note: in many cases, we impore people to check at the top page of the Google's search results for their extensions where you find "Video, Image, Audio" when your research query is displaying.

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