Angry Kwaran sarcastically rains curse on the Kwara State Governor

An unidentified individual took to social media to  sarcastically rain curse on the incumbent Governor of Kwara state in person of Alhaji AbdulFatah Ahmed

The anonymous author of the "curse" says: "Governor Ahmed has achieved alot in Kwara May The Almighty God Make his life beautiful As our Road in Kwara state"

This definitely would not have been a curse had it been the roads (as well as other  basic infrastructural facilities) were in good condition.
But the sad reality is: the "roads" in Kwara state are bad vast majority of them are in worse condition while some of them are nothing but death traps; this is certainly relatable by the ordinary Kwaran as well as motorists and transporters who are well acquainted with Kwara routes. This goes to stress the point that it's nothing but a curse especially when one of the self-acclaimed agendas of Governor Ahmed is Operation no Pothole

It's at the brink of going viral

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