Angry mob sets Nigerian Senator's home ablaze

Senator Shaaba Lafiagi who represents the Kwara North senatorial district in the senate chambers of the National Assembly was bereaved of his country home in the state after angry mob set it ablaze.

The violent attack however was in retaliation to the gunfire from the soldiers in the Senator's convoy from which four innocent civilians were shot, according to Sahara reporters.

This was reported to have taken place on the eve of the local government elections in the(Kwara) state.

The arrival of more soldiers to prematurely end the violent attacks allegedly saw many residents fleeing their homes. 

Similarly, youths in Lafiagi in a seemingly non-violent protest were  reported to have blocked the allegedly long abandoned culvert asking the Senator to complete it before the commencement of the local government elections (today) on Saturday 18 November 2017.

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