FACE TANKE OR FAZE TANKE-an anthology by Unilorin Writers

The much anticipated anthology from the prestigious writers family of Unilorin- Writers Guild of Unilorin titled FACE TANKE OR FAZE TANKE has finally been released! Yes!  as promised, it was released today 20th of November 2017.

The phrase FACE TANKE isn't alien to any bonfide Unilorite. It an inauspicious phrase which simply connotes loss of studentship owing to several possible  causes ranging from withdrawal to expulsion. Each time the phrase is used, most often than not, "withdrawal" of a student is involved students who couldn't make the minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) are often advised to withdraw by the school management.

 Of course it (the phrase) could be used in jocular manner among students especially when they observe their colleagues aren't taking their academics seriously, they might employ the effect of FACE TANKE to admonish such fellow while at the same time joking.

Talking of which, Tanke is a neighboring community to the University Community it's where the  entrance/exit to and fro the better by far  University is located. Either good or the other way,  students FACE TANKE 

FACE TANKE OR FAZE TANKE promises to be thrilling. Could there be anything auspicious about FACE TANKE? it's time to find out. It's simply a story of Unilorites told by the Unilorites to the Unilorites and of course the general POPULACE! It's the first of its kind ever!  Get your own copy of the awe-inspiring piece HERE


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