Glo introduces a data plan with mouthwatering offers and free streaming on YouTube!

Just after Glo introduced the Jumbo package which give you 200k worth of airtime, and daily bonuses, they have come yet again with another offer!

The newly introduced data plan from Glo is #GloUnfairAdvantage. With this super plan you simply get MORE for LESS! What's more interesting? You get 50% extra data and doubled subscription when you auto-renew your bundle! That's, when you buy your 1.6gb 1000naira worth of data, you get 4gb upon renewal! Recharge of N2000 gives you 3.75GB and when you auto renew, you get 9.5GB
Recharge of N2,500 gives you 12.5GB when you auto renew
N3,000 gives you 15Gb and N4000 gives you 24GB on auto-renew

It simply works with auto-renew either on your postpaid or prepaid account (it works on both)


Just as other service providers, 9mobile and Airtel respectively, Glo now offers you free streaming on YouTube at night from 1am to 5:30am everyday! All you have to do is renew your subscription of upwards of 500naira.

Glo Free Streaming With iFlix
I’m sure you still remember iFlix? If you don’t then
Click here. iFlix just like Netflix allows you to stream different movie channels at a pocket friendly price. Glo just partnered with iFlix and you won’t be charge any dime from your data if you are streaming iFlix on Glo for 12hours.

To be eligible, simply text "BUZZ" to 105

We hope more to come as we're approaching the promo season! 


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