How to call someone (friend/spouse) without displaying your number

In the world today a country without mobile number is said to be a localized country this is because ever since the advent of mobiles/smartphones it is inevitable to make calls as calling remains the primary aim for introducing mobile phones to the world and really the aim has been achieved globally.

At time you can just decide to call someone without letting him/her knows that you are the caller, doing this allows you scare your spouse or even decide to do what you think if someone else does it to your spouse she/he falls by that you know your confidence in her/him, you can do this without telling or using another person's number what you need to achieve this is what I'm teaching you in the article .

The like of my saying can be comprehended via the images below

Either he/she picked up your call(s) the is what would be shown on her phone instead of your name/number, see this demo

How to Hide your personal number while making an outgoing call.


Let's us make things short, to do this all you need is a very simple USSD code which is #31#

Tips: whenever you want to call a number before dialing the number ensure you add the code before the number (pre-number) for apt comprehension I'm giving out an example, e.g assume I'm calling this number 07037876663 .
just pre-add the code thus #31#07037876663 once you dial the number like that, the #31# will disappear on your screen and only the person's name will appear don't worry you've hidden the number already.

Note: You're advised to test this tip with a number around you so as to know how it works before calling the main number you're willing to close your identity for.


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