In addendum to the fantastic nature of Android smartphones, you can now control your smartphone with your face which further makes it amazing!

Whoever suggested the name smartphone must be a genius with the definition extending to Android devices. Indeed, Android devices are the "smart phones"!

First, to control your Android device using your face, you need an app called EVA Facial mouse.

After downloading the app, launch it.
Note: To start the application, you would need to activate it in the settings. The settings options will pop up, hit the OPEN ACCESSIBILITY SETTINGS button.

After activating it, a screen will come up with an information with respect to the application studying your action e.t.c. Just press the "Ok" button

Subsequently, a screen will come up with terms and conditions and the bottom you would permission for anonymous error reports simply disable it by clicking on the box at the bottom.

Then, another pages loads asking for permission to take pictures or record video, click on "ALLOW" and then the facial detection test begins!

Lift your phone facing your face with your head in its natural position about 50cm close (or thereabout). The whole face has to show on the viewer for it to be detected. Once it's detected, you will notice a red border on your screen and a cross is drawn at the center of your face for proper detection.

On the next screen is the "Pointer speed" where you can adjust the speed (if you so wish)

Click on "next" until you arrive at "ckick" where you test the features. Follow the simple instructions therein until the end and your sensor is ready! Download EVA Facial mouse now

Note: the activation requires your front camera therefore, it may not work for phones with faulty front camera or no(front) camera and generally some android devices.

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