How to view someone's status on whatsapp without being caught

You can view someone's e status without them knowing. It's a very simple trick. You remember the "read reciept"? It does the trick.

Putting off your read reciept does not only prevent your friends from judging whether or not you've read their messages, but also their status! You can roam on their status without them knowing. Your name will not display in the list of those who viewed their status.

To activate, simply go to settings>account >privacy > then you will see "read reciept"

Click on the box next to it to activate or deactivate.

Note: when you deactivate your read reciept, the names of people viewed your status won't display either. If you've been experiencing this it simply means your read reciept is deactivated. If you wish to see the names of people who viewed your status, then you should activate it. However, you can activate it for the moment you need it and deactivate it immediately. 


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