Magnitude earthquake hits Iran and Iraq leaving many dead and scores injured

A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the Iraq and Iran border claiming about 332lives and leaving as much as 1500 injured.

The tragic incidence took place at the late hours of Sunday 12 November 2017(around 9:20pm) when the earthquake hit at 19miles southwest of Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan and more than 100 aftershocks followed.

In Iran however, it was announced that more than 328 people were dead, with further deaths reported on the Iraq side of the border. Tremors were felt as far west as the Mediterranean coast.

Thousands injured in the earthquake that hit Iran and Iraq Source: Twitter, HuffPost

The earthquake hit several western provinces of Iran but the hardest hit province was Kermanshah.

According to DailyMail, footage from the region shows people fleeing their homes into the night and others grieving the deaths of their loved ones.

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