NABEELAH- Story of the couple with sickle cell anemia (Episode2)

  '' Hey, let's stop the pillow fight'' I surrendered ''
then, come and carry me to the sitting room'' – Nabeelah said playfully 
I don't want her to call me a lazy cat again and I don't want to carry her, so I quickly raised the issue of her hair ''Dearie, but I remembered you telling me in the evening that you wanted to undo your hair'' I announced '' 
Oya, let's do that now'' 
--Ay alal falaah--- 
''Nabeelah, what is it by the time, I guess someone is playing with the masjid's microphone''
  -- As salaatu khayru mina nawm----
 Now, I realized I was dreaming since, ''this girl won't break my head'' I said to myself. 
- Alhamdullilah ladhi ahyaana ba’da ma amatana wa ilahin-nushoor
***********************************************  It is 7:47 a.m. now, I felt like a part of me is missing, I said to myself ''Emi ikoyi eso, Iwaju ni baba wa fi n gbota - I must not accept defeat, I must find her by all means'' 
 I grew up with Abiola on the street, but we call him Prof. Because he's a professional when it comes to asking ladies out; he's got different styles and methods that any lady can never resist. No matter how strict a lady is, Prof will get her by all means But I broke ties with him when I embraced Sunnah because zina is easier with him - But I need to call him now, he'll be happy to help  **********************************
 Me: Olayiwola is their surname, why can't we search for her name on Facebook?
Prof: There will be many Olayiwola Nabeelah on Facebook, except if we can get her other name 
Me: It is like this Facebook stuff won't work because girls of her type don't usually use their other names on facebook, they are like Shareefah Ideal Muslimah, Zaynab StrivingMuslimah, Dhikrah Laughing Muslimah, she maybe Nabeelah Beautiful Muslimah, please let's find another means.
 Prof: I got some good ideas, I know this will work, lend me your ears.......  *********************************
 ''Umm, have you heard about the x2 promo the network providers are giving out to their customers?, once you dial the code, your main balance will be doubled'' 
'' Ha, children of nowadays, please before you deliver what your mum sent you, quickly help me with the code'' Umm Zainab said
  I quickly collected her phone and searched through the contact list, But Alas! There was nothing like Nabeelah there, only Allah knew what she used to save the number, or maybe Nabeelah didn't own a phone.
  ''Umm, the code didn't work out for your sim'' I said as I return her phone
 ''Maybe it is for special customers'' She guessed  
An Idea struck my mind, I have to use the opportunity 
''lest I forget ma, how was your daughter's journey?'' I inquired ''Alhamdullilah, she just called me that she arrived safely'' 
'' But Umm, I have never seen her before'' ''Yes, she grew up in Ile-Ife, where she completed her secondary and Hifdh education'' 
''So, you meant she is an haafeedhah?'' ''Yes'' 
My heart skipped a beat when I heard she memorized the Qur'an, and my will to get her waxed stronger.  But my second mind was telling me that she might not accept me because she was appearing to be better than me in every aspect, she's got a stronger aqeedah and also memorized the Qur'an  
''She got admission to The Polytechnic, Ibadan last year'' the woman revealed
  At last I got her, I am a student of University of Ibadan which was very close to the polytechnic, though we are on strike but I must get back to school, getting her there will be very easy. 
 ''Mummy, one of my friends just called me now that we must meet one of our lecturers tomorrow, I must travel to Ibadan, very early tomorrow morning'' I announced
Did you learn any lesson from this episode?

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