Tips to make your cellphone battery last longer after charge

Mobile phones are cool until your battery drainage makes you think of so many "if"s and "if"s.

The new generation of smartphone is known for considerably good battery life(among other things) where you could get upwards of 4000mAH.

Notwithstanding this, whether or not your phone battery is that strong coupled with surprise power failure and one hindrance or the other to get our cellphones charged , you can simply lengthen the battery life after charge and its span generally by following these tips.

1. Don't search too hard for signal.

If you're in an area where there's little or no network coverage, your phone will constantly search for signal thereby draining out the battery than usual. Whether manually or automatically, don't search too hard for signal if there's no tendency of getting signal in such area. Unless you would take calls anytime soon, simply put off the signal totally until you get to a location (with better network coverage)

2. Put off: WiFi, data connection, Bluetooth, Hotspot (and likes) when not in use.

It's nearly impossible to use all these connections simultaneously. Simply use the one that's needed at the moment. And often at times, these connections are inadvertently put on and some people could be even aware that they are on but are ignorant of the fact that they drain battery. Make sure they are off when not in use.

3. Don't exhaust your battery before you charge.

Don't allow your battery to drain completely before you have it recharged. It's rather funny to be true that shallow discharge and frequent charging prolongs battery life.

4. If you must avoid sound notification, vibration is not a choice.

Vibration consumes more power than sound notification. If need to avoid sound notification arises you can simply reduce the sound notification as low as possible.

5. Adjust your phone backlight

Your backlight is responsible for clear visual display while you're outside or under a bright light. If you could adjust or do without it, your battery will last longer than usual. Or better still, you could put it in automatic such that it adjusts itself while you're under light or shade.

6. Reduce screen brightness to lowest under the display settings (Go to>settings >display).

7. Reduce the screen timeout
Leaving your screen on for minutes drains your battery too. You can adjust the screen timeout at the display settings. In most Android devices, the screen timeout ranges from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. You may choose from the options. But if you're passionate about saving your battery, we will advise 15 seconds.

8. Adjust your network settings when needed.

The network connections consume power variously. 2G connection consumes power the least, in fact the consumption might not be noticeable. And also, it's the most available. If it's convenient, you may use it while your data connection isn't in use for voice calls and messaging because; 2G connection is bad for internet. It's slower for internet connection.

9. If you can, avoid using digital clock, motion pictures, GIFs or videos for your screensaver.

10. Don't let your camera or flashlight on unnecessarily.

11. Put off your cellphones when not in use at all.

If you're not expecting calls at all probably at night and you wish to save your battery, putting of your phone helps to conserve the battery. Don't worry about your alarm. It will come on when it's time. But we advise that you experiment it before going to sleep to see if your smartphone is one of those whose alarm system work while they've been put off.

You can simply set your alarm to a nearer time, say the next minute then put  off your phone and see whether or not it rings when it's time.


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