University of Ilorin management and the Students' Union on security consciousness and hostel accommodation

The welfare secretary, in person of Asukuti Ibraheem urged the Students of the better by far University who stay off campus to desist from seeking lift (popular known as "Tanke sir" among the students) from motorists. The abstinence which had been earlier advised by the Sub dean Students' Affairs, Dr. Alex Akanmu

The kidnap of a Unilorite about 2weeks ago has necessitated the extra security measures. The audience and students were further advised to ascertain the identity of the motorists if at all they MUST beg motorists for a lift.

In similar vein, the students were urged (by the Sub dean) to acquire only accredited hostels outside campus so that they security services of the better by far University can be extended to them.

However, the Sub dean, Students' Affairs affirmed (hostel)  accommodation on campus shall be available in 3 batches, and 2of which to be for fresh intakes and the other one for the returning students; all before the next 5days(as from today) runs out.

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