Vacancy for NCE holders! Enlistment into the 2017 Federal Teachers Scheme-KWASUBEB

Sequel to the approval to commence the enlistment exercise for NCE holders into Federal Teachers' Scheme (FTS) by the Universal Basic education (UBE), the eligibility criteria was published.

1.NCE holders from year 2013 till date

2.Candidates MUST not be above 40years
3. Candidates should specialize in any of the following :English, Mathematics, Sciences, Vocational education, Nigerian and foreign languages special education and ECCDE

4.Candidates who are currently working on a salaried employment from a public or private company organization are not qualified unless without formally disengaging from the organization

5.Candidates are to apply directly to the Chairman KWASUBEB through their LGEA education secretary.

Note: Application closes of Friday November 24, 2017

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