Whatsapp introduces a feature that allows you to retract messages!

In our last tutorial on whatsapp hack, we concluded that the goal of Whatsapp to remain relevant in the social scene is second to none. It's here once again! Whatsapp has introduced yet another fantastic feature in its last update of which many people are unaware of(even those who have recently updated their whatsapp).

This time around, Whatsapp  enables you retract your sent message. Amazing isn't it?

Although there's a way it works.

Which is: the message must be deleted before the recipient views the messages . It works perfectly on private chat and on group chats.

The only difference is just that: On group chat, you can still retract the message even when a number of people on the group have read it provided not everyone has read.


It's very simple as illustrated in the picture below.
 It's still the same delete button with yet another option(delete for everyone)

Press and hold the message you wish to delete (as usual), reach for the  icon symbolizing delete and select "delete for everyone" and your message is retracted! 
If you choose "delete for me", the message literally deletes for you alone. But if you select "delete for everyone", it deletes for everyone (on the group) even those who have seen it earlier.

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