Whatsapp next feature update- magic in the group chat!

Several and cool updates have been rolling in on whatsapp with the delete feature being the coolest of all (as of now). Meanwhile, something cooler than the whatsapp delete feature is on its way! Yes! You read right, something cooler but strictly for group chat administrators. 
The upcoming whatsapp update  features a feature that confers super powers on the admins.

1. Change of group subject : The change of group subject which is a fundamental feature on whatsapp groups has taken a new turn. The good thing is: the group subject will cease to be the babyish participants' toy. In essence, only the group admin(s)  and those who the admin(s) allow(s) to change the group subject would be able to change the group subject. It also applies to the the group icon and description  too
2.The group creator will be irremovable : The group creator would absolute control of the group and as such, other administrators won't be able to remove him from the group. 

3. Restriction of texts and multimedia messages on the group : The admin(s) would be allowed to restrict other members from participating or engaging in any kind of conversation either by texting or  documents sharing or multimedia messages such as videos and images. A feature would enable the admin(s) to restrict participants from sending messages to the group for a particular period of time.

This is actually taking whatsapp to the next level as without an iota of doubt, a serious and important conventions would be able to take place on whatsapp because that "restriction" feature would help maintain decorum. 

It would be awesome if this development sees the daylight! 

The update date is indefinite as at the time of the publication of this post. 


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