You can now reach your customer care unit on whatsapp!

The service providers and telecommunications companies in Nigeria are now closer to their consumers and customers that ever before! Yes! THAN EVER BEFORE! bye bye to queuing on phone calls trying to reach the customer care units. Enough of waiting undeservingly. You can now reach the customer care representatives of your service providers on whatsapp.

This development should allow subscribers to receive quick response from their corresponding service providers through text (and maybe multimedia) messaging on whatsapp. The coolest part of it all is you no longer have to describe hard (in some cases that your description talent would be required when you call customer care representatives) you could just send the screenshots (if possible) of your complaints to them; take for instance, you're getting annoying text messages which are consuming your airtime for no suspectable reason, you could just take screenshot of such spammy messages and send it to them for easy, brief and clearer explanation. 
It just got better! 

Here are the whatsapp numbers  for each network(MTN & Airtel) 

  1. MTN

  • 09033000001,
  • 09033000002,
  • 09033000003,
  • 09033000004,
  • 09033000005

2. Airtel 
  • 07010000116,
  • 07010000117,
  • 07010000118,
  • 07010000119,
  • 07012631111

As at the time of the publication of this post, Glo and 9mobile didn't have whatsapp numbers to be reached on but can be reached on Twitter 



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