First, I commend the courage of the erstwhile Ameerah, National Association of Muslim Law Students (NAMLAS), Unilorin chapter. For in that kind of situation one is susceptible to temptation of derogating from one's actual purpose. "it's just a couple of hours after all, let me just bow to their order" is a thought that is capable of visiting one's mind. AlhamduliLlah, she didn't take the wrong step even though to the entirety of the mundane world, she took the right step only to be wrong.

Surprisingly, some people(part of which are Muslims) think she's wrong to have done that, why did she attend the Nigerian law school in the first instance or why did she even opt to study law since she can not succumb to this "little" requirement?

To my mind, submitting to your creator's will should always come first and above all other things and of course it doesn't stop you from having  dreams and working towards the realization of such dreams provided the means of realization as well as the dreams are not inconsistent with the divine injunctions of the One to whom you truly submit.

Before you decide to judge people out of your shortsightedness, it's advisable you adopt their perception and consider the rightness or otherwise. Not quite long ago the story of a young lady, Shareefah Yunus who was molested by a fellow woman folk went viral online and in her narrative, she stated how she felt naked owing to the removal of her veil by the uncourteous woman. The definition of nakedness varies from persons but you should always have in mind, just as you feel embarrassed being forcibly pantsed down in public is exactly how some people feel when certain parts of their body (which may be inconsequential to you) are revealed to the unlawful eyes. The definition of nakedness is definitely not only restricted to the exposure of the sensitive parts of your body.

She's wrong to defy the order of the NBA but the NBA isn't wrong to derogate from her right to freedom of (thought, conscience and) RELIGION aptly catered for in section 38 of the constitution, Federal Republic of Nigeria?

Is the call to bar dinner a constitutional derogation from the aforementioned right? 

To my knowledge, the bold step she took is unprecedented. There have been failed attempts at relaxing the harsh and inconsiderate rule. As a matter of fact, Dr. Folorunsho Sadam of faculty of law, Unilorin once spearheaded a peaceful and humble protest and request to mitigate the unfavorable rule. And it's quite unfortunate, vast majority of the Khadis and Judges that were approached at that time towards relaxing the rule against female Muslim law students didn't even budge. All the efforts went just down the drain.

It's rather true that the English law was received in Nigeria but not the English culture.

The English law and culture shouldn't be operated in a diverse society like Nigeria in such a way  that the interests of some people will be injured owing to the present diversity. It may have been possibly practicable in the United Kingdom owing to their homogeneity but Nigeria is a diverse country, the common law should be operated in a way that's fair to all if justice really is a relative term.

Pursuing a decent career shouldn't be at the expense of staking one's religious belief if truly there's freedom of thought, conscience and religion. 

Don't blame Amosa, blame the withholders of her rights!


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