Easy ways to post articles on a blog (step by step with pictures)

Blogging is a job(yes it's) because people do it for a living and some people's livelihood depends basically on blogging; while it(blogging) is extra curricular to some people, especially those who are very good with words and are fond of letting their unique thoughts to the world.

Meanwhile, every successful or famous blogger didn't get there overnight. They've once been in those shoes you're currently in(naive about how to publish articles on a blog); although many bloggers may not be taught but got to know by virtue of curiosity-induced discoveries or sheer inquisitiveness.

If you're new to blogging or you wonder how your blog posts could be read-worthy by some features of your blogger that you're not utilizing, here's a brief tutorial for you:

1. Log on to your account on Blogger.com and follow the prompt (if you're logging in for the first time after creating your blog or as a new administrator to the blog)

2. Click on the "new post" indicated by the green arrow

3. Click on the tiny title box and enter the title of your article.

4. Click on the textbox and add(upload) thumbnail image- simply click on the image symbol next to "link" and follow the prompts to add an image.

Thumbnails are actually important in giving your work the appropriate captivation. In fact, they convey the messages faster than the content.

5. Having uploaded your thumbnail image(s) press your space bar once or twice

And then proceed to write your article.

6. Having done this, it's important to examine the legibility of your work. If it doesn't appear read worthy, you may apply some text formatting tools such as:

(a) Bold (symbolized by "B" on the dashboard) simply select the texts you wish to bolden by pressing and holding the texts.

(b) Italics (symbolized by "I")

Repeat the process in(a) above.

(c) Underline (symbolized by "U" ) depart the steps in the first two text formatting ways.

Alignment: the alignment button(symbol) is located next to the button after the smiley symbol (two symbols after the smiley symbol). Select the whole text (excluding your thumbnail image) and apply the the appropriate alignment(if need be) , "justified" alignment is the best anyway; if you're familiar with  "Microsoft Word", it's the replica of ctrl + J

7. Having completed these steps  you may proceed to add label to your article so that it may be appropriately categorized. The label button is shown in the image below. However, you can add label at any stage, that is, before or after writing your article or while even writing your article. It's also possible after publishing your article. All you have to do is edit the post and do the needful.
8. Adding links : if you would like to refer your readers to another page on your blog or another blog, simply click on "link" and paste the link on in the URL box provided in the prompts. You can as well choose how the links appears on your blog in that section, you will see a box above the one in which you pasted your link;then clear the texts therein and enter the words of your choice (how it displays on the blog) e.g "Click here", "proceed", "download here" e.t.c

9. Proceed to save or publish your article:

Although, blogger saves your work in progress at a certain interval; if you're coming back to the article you may save it and exit. And in the event that you're done composing your messages, you can simply press the "publish" button.

These are just the simple steps to follow in publishing a decent article.

Note: all the steps should not necessarily in the above order but that is the ideal order.


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