FIGURINE(Abdulrazaq Luqman As-Sha'abaan)


Death was a green-eyed monster that he zealously stole my momma soul; and then we were forced to live with an octogenarian, our granny. Granny, no matter how interesting the movie is, she would still suppress to the aroma of snoozing and to the warmth of her developed baby, Pascal.

Like every other nights, sitting on my favourite place, on sofa, I watched her bamboozled by the warmth of the cold night, and then she laid her head on the cushion. A deaf man, if listened to, would hear the beats from her “snore”.  I jumped up with my brothers in celebration. At least we could watch the rated movie for the next two hours.  I sat on the rug closely to where my brother had long sat and we watched "figurine".

Two hours at the end of the movie, we all picked our spot. I slept on my left arm, facing the wall and then my brother put off the light and then, he opened the windows for the rays of the moon to peak in. I succumbed to my pillow and I petted my eyes closed for slumbering. Sleep was a latecomer that I had to open my eyes again. Still facing the wall, from the shadow, was a very still-standing figure. I could hear my brother snores but I couldn’t still figure out the figure. I opened my mouth with fear and asked who he was. Instantly, the shadow started getting bigger and bigger. I swallowed my saliva and still I couldn’t still look back. He raised his hand and drew it near my body, I closed my eyes and I screamed for help.

“Peter” I felt the hand touching my head and I opened up “you are screaming” my brother said with trembling tone.

I picked my pillow, hugged it and wiped my streaming sweat. It was a nightmare. I watched my brother disappear into the lightly darkness as I sip from the cup of water he brought for me and saw the door swung opened. I became overwhelmed with fear and my body became still. I shouted for my brother but I couldn’t hear his movement or the sounds from his sleep.  Again, I watched a small shadow become bigger and wider. I got hold of myself and awaited the uninvited August visitor. He walked in like a robot and turned to where I had long squatted. He brought out two candles and a lighter. He laughed monstrously and lighted the candles. The first ray of light from the candle fell on his face. His hair was freshly dirty, his forehead was stitched with metals from between the eyes to the middle of the eye popped out and the other was a dark tunnel. His clothes were roughly beautiful which was sewed in different places with different cottons and materials. He then looked at me fiercely; moving closer with both candles gripped in his hands and he was hee-hawing. And was again, the poor man, I shouted for help. He dropped the candles and everywhere became dark. I closed my eyes and pretended to be sleeping. I could still hear his movement till I was touched by a hard hand.

“Wake up peter” said a grown voice. I opened my eyes and hugged my granny. My brother stood still and laughed mockingly.  “I always tell you to pray before you sleep. Well I brought you a gift.
”  Granny concluded.

Granny dipped her hand into her deep handbag and brought out a figurine. I rolled my eyes and fainted. When would I wake up from this long sleep?

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