Google electronic screen detector allows you to detect people secretly peeping at your smartphone on your smartphone

Unconsciously and consciously peeping at people's privacy(smartphone)  has now become the second nature of most people. This is a  maladjustment many are guilty of and most times happens out of curiosity or arousal of what they see about or on the smartphone.

Most commonly, it happens in public places where you'd be busy on your smartphone and a stranger (in many cases) would be looking at what you're doing from few meters while you're unaware. Sometimes they even read your chats that you don't know. This however, poses a less or more threat to one's privacy; but the good news is there's a solution to that! Google is currently working on another technology technology called electronic screen protector which would be down to curb privacy intrusion tendencies. The technology uses your smartphone's front camera coupled with eye-detecting artificial intelligence which notifies when there's more than one face on your screen.
This project(I.e electronic screen protector) however, will be presented by Google researchers, Hee Jung Ryu and Florian Schroff at the Neutral Information Processing Systems conference; next week, in California.

Coming very soon!

Amazing isn't it?


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