Google launches a mini Google- a less data consuming search app

Google introduces a less-data-consuming search app named
"Google Go". Its an alternative to Google but performs in an exceptional way because it's less-data-consuming . It's very vibrant in situations where mobile data may not be regularly available as it allows you to save viewed pages and also sends notifications of your search results and load lower grades(lite) of web pages.

Also, it's a good option where you experience slow internet connection from your service provider.

Apart from the stunning performances, the app focuses on discovery beyond search.
That’s to say that it showcases ‘featured snippets’ which give a summary of topics, related content to search results, and suggested topics. There’s also support for trending searches , and you can use voice inputs for search, too.
The app was first spotted in August when it was in beta stage - known as search lite and now it has been released for selected android users. You can download yoursNow

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