How to write a winning CV( Curriculum Vitae)

A CV is your marketing tool telling the hiring manager that you have what he/she needs to add value in his/her organisation. Many fresh graduates are in the habit of copying CVs from others, thus hiring managers come across almost the same types of CV with the difference in just names and educational qualification- CVs with no freshness.

There is no strict format on how a CV should look but there are vital information that should be included to make your CV stand out.

These includes:
Name: of course,your name should be the first thing on your CV. Your surname first and maybe for emphasis should be in capital letters.

Address: use your current address. If you have relocated, change the address on your CV to where you currently live.

E-mail: your email address should be professional. It’s about time you get a new mail, If your email address looks like this or . A combination of your first and last name is mostly preferred by hirers, something like or

Education: as a fresh graduate, you do not really have a lot of work experience so what should come after your email should be your education. It should begin with the most recent being your degree or HND.

Work experience: as a fresh graduate, you may not have a paid work experience. What you can pen down as your work experience should be your internship while in school, volunteer work you have done and other extracurricular activities you have done.The idea is to show what work-related knowledge you have had after graduating from school.

It is advised to tailor your CV to the job you are applying for, this simply means that you can have more than one CV tailored to fit in the different job roles you are interested to work in.

On important thing to note when writing a CV, do not write Curriculum Vitae as your heading. The first thing a Hiring Manager wants to see is your name. Seeing that as your title simply tags your CV as boring even if you have the qualities the employer is looking for.

Your CV ‘sells’ you, so it should be the best representation of you, your qualities and what you can offer. Go through all these steps and watch yourself being invited for an interview in no time.


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