Law graduate denied being called to the Nigerian bar-She refused to take off her Hijab!

A Muslimah, a graduate of law was not called to the Nigerian bar which would enable her to practise as a qualified legal practitioner because she refused to take off her Hijab at the just concluded Nigerian call to bar ceremony. This is a seemingly unchangeable convention of the Nigerian Law Schools that Muslims must take off their Hijab otherwise they run the definite risk of not being called to the Nigerian bar and by implication they would not he able to practise as a qualified legal practitioner.

This has been the the practice over time there have been foiled attempts at relaxing such tradition.

However, there's been a series of messages of consolation from people as well as pledges of allegiance to help her invoke justice. The most trending of them all are :"
AlhamduliLlah a sister has stood up to say no to infringement of right that we female muslim law student have been subjected to in law school and during the call to bar ceremony 
    During the call to bar ceremony today 13th of Dec, 2017. My dearest sister Abdulsalam Firdausa Amasa was not allowed to enter the call to bar hall just because she refused to removed hijab her pride and her identity
    This sister was not called to bar not because she failed her bar final examination, not because she was late to the hall, not because she did not dress professionally but only because, she refused to choose law school rules over Allah's commandment,"

" Only because she believes that Allah's commandment should rule over anything, only because she said NO to immorality, only because she said no to infringement of the right to practice her religion, only because she loves Allah (SWT) more than all the year she spent in university and all she went through in writing her bar final exams and believes that this has stop.
    Therefore, i want to call on everybody to assist this sister and fight against this barbaric law which has no significant what so ever. Pls support this because it does not affect only muslim law but all muslims in general..."

"Congratulations to all newly called to bar law graduates from around the nation, I pray it is for you a stepping stone to greater heights. As I fecilitate with you, there is someone I know who was deprived of this long-awaited dream just because she decided to believe that a nation that claims provision for a certain religion should take into cognisance it's dictates and grant freedom where those dictates are to be exemplified.

I heard that Amasa Firdaus A.K.A Aljannatul firdaws) was deprived entry into the Hall for her call to bar "exercise" just because she decided to remain on a clothing that makes her really worth of her alias and which in any away had nothing derogatory or otherwise to do with the exercise in question.

 Abdulateef waduudah, a colleague of hers who reported this issue to me is not happy and so she asked for this for her friend, Al-jannatul firdaws is not happy, I have called her and spoken to her, for she has been deprived of her right unjustly, I am not happy either and so i plead that you spread this, the Muslim Ummah isnt Happy and we #seek_justuce_for_al-jannatul_firdaws..."

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  1. Islam is a way of life, she did not put on the hijab for fashion sake, she put it on in tandem with the doctrine of her religion, then any law or school of Law in a sovereign state that does not recognise human right, or is inconsistent with the provisions of human right, on freedom of association and religious affiliations, is null and void to the extent of that inconsistent, Am not a law student and am not a Muslim am just trying to make common sense

  2. Yes, you're just being justified irrespective of your religion differences, to my surprise, I did not see the essence of the so called "Freedom of religious affiliations" in the so called Nigerian constitutions which seems not to constitute any justification or may be we're slept off.

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