Lecturer orders AL Hikmah students to go on their knees

It's rather funny to imagine tertiary institutions students kneeling down in compliance with the order of a lecturer. It's a common believe that tertiary institutions are relatively unlimited freedom abode both socially and academically coupled with the fact that students enjoy rights against domestic violence and other related unfair treatments as opposed to what's obtainable in basic and secondary schools

The incidence which occured today at AL Hikmah University however, poses a serious contradiction and derogation  from this "freedom" and right.

At the early hours of today, 300 level students of the faculty of law of AL Hikmah University were asked to go on their knees owning to the inability of the students to fish out the "culprit" which taunted the lecturer.

An interview from a student of the university revealed that the lecturer was angered by the unacceptable conduct of a student when the unidentified fellow tauntedly told the lecturer with an unidentifiable voice amidst the small crowd that Malaysia (which happens to be a point of recourse for the lecturer) is local.

The(interviewed) student says: "normally we weren't supposed to have any law course at that very time (8am, we were supposed to go fr GSE but they had to reschedule the class just because of the NUC that would be coming fr accreditation. Then they fixed criminal law class, while in the class the lecturer called Barrister Onikosi from Ijebu came and asked the lecturer taking us why he wasn't using the public address system, the lecturer replied that the students said they don't like it and replied saying ''they're local" One of the students replied him saying "local like Malaysia" because the man always make recourse to Malaysia where he bagged his masters"

The inability of the lecturer's searchlight to spot the culprit provoked him to order all the students to go on their knees as a punishment for their disrespectfulness. Although after a little while of serving the punishment, the intercessions of other lecturers were considered and the students were released.


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