Story: Khalid's Mistake (part 7)

On a Saturday morning...Khairat was in pain,she was taken to the hospital,at the hospital,it was said that,she gave birth to a handsome looking baby boy. Everyone was happy including khadijah,finally a child has come to their home. The child was named kamal.

Khadijah took care of kamal like her own,even Khalid was pleased with her. He always pray for her to have a child with him,khadijah never felt the pain of childlessness until one day when something unexpected happen.

Khadijah went to visit her parents, when she returned,she had no idea kamal was by the door,she said salam three times but there was no reply,so she decided to open the,when she opened the door,the door mistakenly hit kamal and he started crying,she carried him and was patting him to stop crying. Khairat heard him crying and she rushed out. 

Why is kama crying? she asked. Am sorry!I opened the door without knowing he was by the it,said khadijah. What do you mean by that,how can you say you don't know he was by the door,said khairat. Am so sorry,It was my mistake,pleas forgive me,khadijah pleaded. Pleas! I am not the one responsible for your childlessness,dont kill my son for me,because you are jealous,khairat uttered. Am sorry khairat,it won't happen again inn shaa Allah khadijah said and left in tears.

That same day.
Khadijah was in her room crying when Khalid came in. Khadijah,you are in tears again,why is that?he asked. Its nothing Khalid,she replied. Are you sure?he asked. Yes am sure!she replied. Let me serve your meal,she said. Thank you,he replied. He freshen up and went for his dinner. 

After dinner,he asked for his son and he was brought to him. There was a swollen on the forehead of kamal. How did this happen?he asked. Your wife khadijah did this to him but how come?he asked again,she open the door on him. That's not possible he said. You can support her all you like,the day she kills your son,that day you would believe me,said khairat.

Khalid didn't listen to her,he walked out on her and went straight to khadijah's room. 

Did khairat insult you over his injury?he asked. No she didn't,khadijah replied. Are you sure?he asked again. Yes am sure,she replied. He was heading to his room and he turned and he said to her" I am still you Khalid right"? And she replied,yes you are.

A year later.

Khairat was pregnant again and khadijah was still childless.
Khairat put to bed and she gave birth to a boy again,he was named Mahmud. Khadijah cared and took care of him like her own. She never stopped praying to  Allah(s w t) to bless her with her own child.

On a Friday evening,Mahmud was crawling towards khadijah,the glass cup khadijah was holding mistakenly fleep from her hand and it hit Mahmud on his head. Khadijah was scared and frighten when this happen,she doesn't want the sad words of khairat again.

Khalid saw this and,he walked towards khadijah and he...

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Khalid still loves khadijah,despite the fact that he has kids with another woman. What would his mistake be. Keep following the story to find out.

More to come your way inn shaa Allah.


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