Story :Khalid's Mistake (part13) - The concluding part

(Part 13) The Concluding part.
He went out,he shopped for her,he bought every beautiful thing he saw. When he got home,he asked her to wear one of them,she did and she came out to show it to him. You look beautiful,he said. Thank you,she replied. Pleas come and sit beside me and she did.
And he said;
I know material things cannot bring back the happiness you have lost,I know my words can't mend the scar in your heart,but that doesn't mean i shouldn't apologies. I have wrong you faultlessly but you bared the pain alone and still you forgave me,you have shown me that your love for me is pure and true,you loved me unconditionally,you never left me for once but i am so disappointed at myself,I pray that oneday you forget all the pain I have caused you,my one mistake has broken the bond you and i share.
Never! Dont ever say that,our bond is not broken and "inn shaa Allah" it won't be broken. I will be honest with you,I was hurt Khalid,you made me know what real pain is,but its alright,its in the past now and i have forgiven and forgotten about it,said khadijah.
Not every couple would be able to withstand all these but i know that loving each other for the sake of Allah(s w t) can enable us to bear every pain inflicted on us by our loved ones,said khalid.
Yes,that's right. To love for the sake of Allah(s w t) is an unconditional love,khadijah added.
I love and i will love you till death do us path,inn shaa Allah,said khadijah. I love you too and for your patience I will name our child Khadijah,if she is a girl,said Khalid.
And if its a boy,we would call him junior khalid"inn shaa Allah"said khadijah.
Not bad for us to have a younger Khalid in the house but i pray he doesn't repeat the mistake his father made,said Khalid.
'Inn shaa Allah"he won't repeat KHALID'S MISTAKE.
The love for the sake of Allah(s w t) makes everything in our lives easy. Khalid and khadijah truly loved each other and Khadijah was hurt over KHALID'S MISTAKE but she never left her husband. Why? Because,no human was created perfect. Forgiveness is one of the keys to happiness. I pray we all learn to forgive each other for the sake of Allah(s w t)Aameen.
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Asalam alaykum warahmatullah wabarakatuh 


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