Story:Khalid's Mistake (part 10)

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It was zahra calling. "Assalamualeikum",she greeted. Waaleikumsalam waramatullah wabarakatuh,he replied.

Haba Ya khalid! What is the wrong of my sister ,that has made your work so important than her,said zahra. Am so sorry,its not like that,I have not even.... And she cut him short,make sure you come see her tomorrow pleas,she said. I will be there inn shaa Allah.

" Alhamdulillah" am happy khadijah is fine. She even lied to her parents for my sake. What do I say to her when i see her tomorrow,where do I start from,I can't wipe away the tears in her eyes but i pray that Allah(s w t) fills her heart with happiness.

The next day Khalid visited khadijah's parents home.

He greeted them properly and they were happy to see him. My son,as a man you didn't do well,how could you be traveling around all in the name of business and you didn't bordered taking care of your wife even on her condition,said father but that's by the way, congratulations!father added. And mother congratulated him too. He was surprise but he had to pretend to know what they were talking about, since khadijah has covered his flaws for him. Alhamdulillah,Its the doing of Allah(s w t) thank you so much father and mother,said Khalid. Pleas where is khadijah?he asked. She is in her room,mother replied.
Khalid headed towards khadijah's room.

Khadijah was busy talking to zahra when they both heard a knock on the door. Zahra went for the door and she invited Khalid in and excused them.

Khalid greeted khadijah. She welcomed him as a wife should,she asked him if he was hungry,she got up, went to the kitchen and prepared potato porridge for him since it was easy to make. She served him and he sat down to eat,in the process of eating,he choked himself,she immediately stood up, stood behind him and rub his back.
He was in tears. What a woman,she still care for me.
When he was through eating.

Khadijah,will you pleas forgive me,he said. Are you here to take me home?she asked. Yes please i am here to take you home but...she stood up packed her luggage and she was about to carry them when he collected them from her. They went to the sitting room and bid good bye to her folks and they left.

*At the house of Khalid*

Khadijah entered the house...kamal and Mahmud were so happy to see her. Khairat greeted her too and she responded to her greetings.

She went directly to her room. Khalid went with, khadijah,pleas forgive me,I am so sorry i was wrong,he said. Khadijah lied down on hee bed and she backed him,she was in tears and she said; have hurt me a lot,you turned the pains in my heart in fresh wounds,you...

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Will khadijah ever forgive Khalid...keep reading to find out.

More to come your way inn shaa Allah.


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