Story:Khalid's Mistake (part 11)

You made me feel as if i was worthless but Allah(s w t) has proven me wrong. Allah(s w t)has shown me his greatness. 

Khalid for once i never thought you could do this to me,I didn't even imagine it,but you did. She was crying loudly while she was speaking. I am hurt Khalid,so hurt that i dont even know if i can forgive you,she added.

Khadijah i was wrong,I hurt you,I know that,I gave you more wounds Instead of me to help you heal the previous ones you had. Pleas forgive me,I beg you,pleaded Khalid.

I am so much sleepy,can we pleas talk tomorrow,she said to him. That's ok,he said and left. As Khalid left she said to herself. Khalid hurt me a lot,I dont know if i can ever forget what he did to me,she said to herself as she sob softly.

Khalid in his room.

I have hurt khadijah,i have made a mistake,I should never have left her when she needed me the most,she has never for once made me feel sad nor upset with her,I pray she forgives me ,Khalid said to himself and he sob softly.

*The next day*

Khadijah prepared breakfast and kept it on the table for Khalid with a note. 
He came out of his room and perceived the sweet smell of khadijah's food. He went to the sitting room but he couldn't find her,he opened the food and he saw a note beside his meal,he opened the note and it read;

   Peace and happiness
    is my prayer for you                 this day and forever.  
I pray that you are always happy because your happiness gives my heart content.

He smiled to himself after reading the note and he went to her room. He greeted her and she responded to his greetings,he asked her, have you forgiven me?and she replied;No Khalid,I haven't forgiven you,I dont think i can forgive you for now,pleas leave my room.

Khalid was sitting in his living room when khairat came and said she wants to visit her parents and she would be spending a week with them,he agreed and let her go,after all him and khadijah will have the house to themselves for a week

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