Story:Khalid's Mistake (part 5)

Khadijah!...please stop disturbing yourself about that,am not
complaining,said Khalid. But I am,I am complaining Khalid, i am a
woman,I know what it feels like not to have a child yet,uttered
Hmm!Khalid sighed softly,what can i do to tell you that i am waiting for
the time of Allah(s w t),said Khalid. I won't judge but rather i would
help you pass through this worries of yours,you have always treated
me like a baby,now that you need me,I want to be a father,a brother
and a husband to you,he added. What can i do to please you khadi?he
asked. Let's try our best praying and also doing the physical work of
having a child at least for a month,said Khadijah.
He looked at her with a charming smile and he asked,are you sure
about the physical work?I hope you know that you are giving me a
gift,because,you are giving me yourself,if it's possible for me to gum
you to my body,i sure would do that,he said with a charming smile.
Khadijah smiled at him and she said"nutty man". You see,i have
succeeded in making you smile,said Khalid.
Khadi!pleas always smile,pleas stop your worries,everything is
ordained by Allah(s w t),I believe our time to be parents will come
soonest inn shaa Allah,he said to her.
"Alhamdulillah",she said. I feel so happy,you have given me the
courage to smile and to be happy,thank you so much my Khalid!she
said shyly.
How about we get started with the physical work,he said and ran to
their room,she ran after him,saying you this love of mine,you dont get
a chance at all.
A month later...
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With so much love in the heart of Khalid for khadijah. What would his
mistake be?
More to come your way inn shaa Allah.


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