Story:Khalid's mistake (part4)

He handed her the seventh note and it read...
***My greatest joy, will be for both of us to hold hands walking to "Al-janatul Firdausi"inn shaa Allah, My love,my joy,let both of us work hard towards Allah(s w t)so we can be together in Jannah. You have been my light and smiles Nana Khadi!...Pleas love me forever and teach me the ways of Allah(s w t). I love and will always love you inn shaa Allah***.
Khadijah's eyes were filled with tears,she looked at him,she smiled and she gave him a warm hug. I have never felt such happiness in my life before,you have brought peace,joy and comfort into my heart,thank you so much Khalid,she uttered. He smiled as all the kind words came out from her mouth,he hugged her tightly and they both went to bed.
" A year later".
Khadijah is becoming worried,why am i not pregnant yet,I hope all is well with me?she asked herself. She was lost in thought when Khalid came in.
Khadijah!are you OK?he asked her.Yes!am fine,she replied. If you are fine,how come you didn't notice when i came in?he asked her. Am sorry pleas forgive me,she said with tear in her eyes.
I am not complaining,whyare you crying?he asked her. Nothing!she uttered. Talk to me khadi! What's wrong? Khalid!she called,i am so worried,she said. Worried about what?he asked. I am worried that,for the past two years,i have not had an issue for you,said khadijah. Khalid smiled at her and he said but children are from Allah(s w t) am sure He will bless us with children when it pleases Him,uttered Khalid. I know Khalid but this is the second year of our marriage,I feel so scared,she said. Its natural for every human to feel scared about what they dont understand,but,humans should also know that,when they feel scared they can be manipulated by"shaitan"because he wins our heart through our sadness,Khalid uttered,so i advice you pray about it than being worried and sad he added.
But Khalid!.....Khadijah pleas.......
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With all the love khalid has for khadijah,what will his mistake be.
Keep following the story to find out.
More to come your way inn shaa Allah.

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