The Hijab debate - Amasa Fridaus speaks #JUSTICEFORFIRDAUS

Finally, the victim of the "bias against Hijab", Amasa Fridaus,  has spoken to the media (Premium Times)(today, 16 December 2017)  and she courageously maintains that her ultimate conviction remains that a precedent be set for allowance of Hijab among female Muslim law graduates especially at the call to bar ceremony. It's no longer fresh to the hearings that Ms. Amasa, a graduate of law from the University of Ilorin was denied entry into the ceremony arena just because she chose not to put off her Hijab which apparently means a lot to her.

In an interview with this brave young lady, she said: “My major concern is the approval of Hijab so that every person coming behind me will be able to use it for the call to bar (ceremony),”

She similarly revealed “There is nothing like that (laws preventing the use of Hijab),”.  “When you ask them too, they tell you it is convention; that that is how it is done and it has to remain like that.” when asked if she had violated any known rules and regulation frowning against the use of Hijab and she further stressed the anomaly is a mere convention.

 She revealed she had envisaged that occasion when asked what motivated her to take such a bold step, her response pointed towards rewriting the story of Hijab at the Nigerian Law Schools. She equally acknowledged the the support of the Muslim community and impliedly  rated it impressive. “My demand is that Hijab should be approved,” she expressed.

Her younger sister, Tawwakaltu in joining the bandwagon for the just cause, indiscriminately urged Nigerians to support the cause. “All we are clamoring for is to allow hijab in legal profession because it is our right,”she told our source.

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