This is how to operate another Android phone from your phone


It's rather cool to be true tbat to can control another Android smartphone from your phone. 

This is one of the tricks many have been looking forward to, one of the amazing things you can do on Android phone. The trick is very easy to come by, all it requires is just an application and it works on all Android phone. And we shall as well teach you how to use the application whose name is Remodroid. As the name implies, it allows you to remotely have control over another Android phone from your Android device.


1. Download and install the application on both Android devices

You can Download it here

2. Launch the application on both devices 

3. As soon as you launch the app on the two phones, you will see two options: "connect" and "stream" respectively. 

Stream is used for controlling the device which requires "root", whole connect is used for the device being controlled which requires root access. In essence, to see the magic, the devices have to bee connected to same WiFi(or Hotspot) connection and must be rooted.

You can check how to root your device easily Here

4. Hit the menu button and select settings from the available options 

5. Click on "port for streamin" to check your port and ensure you don't forget it. You may write it somewhere safe

6. Adjust the quality of streaming by tapping on the option you prefer. For instance, if you choose good quality, it will work perfectly. However, if you chose “High quality,” there may be some lags in the phone being controlled depending on device version.

7. To link the two devices, tap the back button of the controlling device and tap “ Stream .” A notification
RemoDroid server started will appear. Take note of the IP address.
8. Tap Connect , a menu will pop up.

9. Here, enter the IP address and port of the controller device in the space provided. Afterwards, tap Connect to link the two devices.

10. Tap the Home button. (The screen on the controlling device will display the screen of the device being controlled.) Swipe across the screen to see the same functions occurring in the device being controlled.
To disconnect the devices, tap “Stop streaming” in the controlling device.

You may follow the video tutorial as well

With this, you can remotely control another Android device from your phone.

NOTE: It's advisable that you read about the risks associated with rooting Android device. 

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