Unilorin SU calls on Volunteers for facilitating "hitch-free" commute

The issue of transport has been one of the major challenges on Unilorin Campus. It's nearly impossible to get a shuttle at will especially on Mondays when virtually every department holds an 8am lecture. Most often than not, the students outnumber the number of the available commercial transports seats owing to the fact that many would want to be on or off campus coincidentally, at the same time which often results in transport shortage. For this reason, it's always been  survival of the fittest.

The #TogetherWeCan administration however, in a bid to tackle the agelong challenge has taken a step towards drastically reducing the transport menace on campus. And it's in lieu of this the transport committee of the Students' Union(SU)  is calling out on Volunteers who are ready to help facilitate "hitch-free" commute on campus.

In the social media post which was released earlier today:


      This is to inform all students of this _by far the best citadel of learning_ that the Student Union Transport Committee is ready to constitute the Unilorin Transport Volunteers group that will work alongside Union officials in order to  ensure hitch - free movement of our students to and fro the University Campus.

 In lieu of this, the committee hereby calls on  students who are willing to join the Unilorin Transport Volunteers Group to communicate their interest to the Secretary of this committee on or before Dec.
17th(Sunday), 2017.

     Remember, it will be mandatory for the volunteers to be committed and active and as 
well as to follow and adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of the group. 
Thanks for your usual cooperation

Signed by:

Sen. Kalejaiye Ismail
Social Sciences                  

Sen.  Moshood Abiola
Environmental Sciences

Sen. Hamzat Adewale
Com. & Info. Sciences         


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