Interview Tips

Before attending a job interview, there are some cardinal rules to follow to help you ace that interview.

- Conduct research about the company: the research would help you understand the employer, giving you in depth understanding on their working culture, the better you would answer interview questions. Visit the company’s website and other published materials to get information.

- Prepare your responses: prepare your responses to expected interview questions like ‘tell me about yourself’, ‘what value can you add to our organization’. Though it is advised to prepare your responses, make them more conversational so you do not end up sounding like a droning robot.

- Dress for success: when going for a job interview, dress to let the interviewer know that you mean business. It is advised that you are corporately dressed wearing conservative colours with minimal jewelry.

- Arrive on time: it is unacceptable to arrive for an interview late. Strive to arrive 15-30 minutes before the interview. This gives you time to freshen up and calm your nerves. You would not want to go for an interview looking like you just escaped from an attack from a mob.  

- Make good first impressions: being dressed appropriately is just one half of the package. Be polite to everyone you meet from the security to the receptionist to the interviewer. Employers are always curious to know how job applicants would treat other people. Remember to have a positive attitude and show enthusiasm for the job. Note that hiring managers make their hiring decisions with the first 20 minutes. You have to make it count.

- Ask insightful questions: this shows that you’ve done your research and you’re curious. A smart jobseeker who write down the questions to ask the interviewer before the interview, adding additional queries during the interview.

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