[KHUTBAH JUM'AH] DR ALARO advises Muslim brotherhood and Du'at ; Verify lest you harm people

In the name of Allâh the most beneficent the especially merciful.

The celebrated sunni scholar in Africa, in person of DR ABDUL-RAZZAAQ ABDUL-MAJEED ALARO  (Hafidhou'LLAH) who is an associate professor, Islamic Law, faculty of Law, University of Ilorin today 5TH JANUARY, 2018 in his Friday Khutbah at As-Sunnah Masjid, Oke-Odo Ilorin advised Muslims generally and specially advised Du'at (Callers to the pristine Islâm) that; be specially careful of what you say and what you preach, he further emphasised that everyone will account for whatever he/she says, he also advised our Muslim brothers and sisters on vices and spread of doubts and confusions in the heart of believers in Allâh  which is now becoming a routine to some brothers and du'at, he states that; It is a problem taught and experienced during his life time at Islamic University of Madinah, Saudi Arabia as a then student at the university, but it is now something that seems unendingly found as a virus that people now contacted of in Africa, today people cut a and or some parts of program(s) of about or more than an hour they mix them together of different preachers to cause indecencies, satisfy their interests, negative desires and misunderstandings.

Sincere students of knowledge and scholars, in fact the Khutub testifies to this problem and discloses the proper and Qur'anic advice in such a periodic calamities.

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