[Pictures] How to share files larger than 16mb on whatsapp


We've come again with yet another tutorial(as usual). 

This time around we shall be teaching you how to share files of any size on WhatsApp be it media file or documents, although "document" does the trick.

It's widely known that no existent version of whatsapp supports sharing of files larger than 16mb, especially media files such as videos and mp3. You can hardly find an image as large as 16mb though, kilode! Life na war?

Hmm... Www.syodesk.com would like to inform you that from the time you're reading this post, the fact that you can't share a file larger than 16mb becomes extinct, yes! We don come with another Ogbonge whatsapp hack!

Remember as i said earlier, "document" does the trick

How to share files larger than 16mb on whatsapp.

1. As usual, click on the share button, but this time around, you're not sharing from "audio" or "gallery", simply click on "document"

2. Having gained entrance into your "document" folder, click on the column symbolizing "browse other docs".

3. Select the category of file you want to share whether it's video or audio.

4. Locate and share.

No matter how considerably large the file is trust it to be sharable even if it's 1gb just ensure the recipient doesn't place curse on you.

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