9 Must Have Android Apps 2018

Your android device can't survive without essential apps. Although I rest assured you've if not all, one or some of these: WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

But I tell you, these are not the end and as a matter of fact, it's because of these apps that you need some other essential apps.

 There are tons of downloadable and free Android apps on Google playstore(and some websites, if you prefer).


1. Essential Timetable-

Essential timetable remains one of the most downloaded timetable applications on Google store, thanks to its efficacy and wonderful features embedded in it. If you love to stay organized and never miss lectures, essential timetable is your ideal app to realize such feat. As it prepares you for the next day lectures and reminds you of your class 10mimutes afore time and lots more! Stay organized with essential timetable.

2. Camscanner:

You probably must have heard of Camscanner and underestimated it (and if you've not, it's never too late to know). Camscanner is a must have app because of its handy scanning function. You can scan documents of any kind on your android smartphone with Camscanner and it also allows you to convert your scanned items to PDF JPEG and also share and upload.


Lastpass let's you stay on top of your game in securing your password. It allows you to forget and retrieve your password with ease. You no longer have to rack your brain.
With Lastpass, your password is never lost. 

4. Android device manager:

The app is very useful in helping to track lost or stolen device. It allows you to locate your android device if missing, reset the security settings and most interestingly, with this app, you can remotely wipe your phone.

5.Kaspersky Internet Security :

Kaspersky secures your phone from virus and malwares as it scans both internal and external storage. It's one of the best security apps. Do you get frustrating and offensive advertisements? Try Kaspersky!

6. Morecast:

Is a weather app that brings you accurate weather reports. It has nice interface and layout and its navigator effect is superb.

7. Mint:

It's a financial Android app which helps keep track of your savings and expenses as it brings together your back accounts, credit cards e.t.c

parator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;"> 8. Headspace:

Is an android meditation app which helps you get the best out of your day and defy negative inspirations and thoughts. Have more positive life with headspace on your android device.

This is categorically for the Muslim folks. The app automatically put your phone on and off silent during and after Salah.

There are other useful Android apps but these are must have

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