[Legit] Get Unlimited Airtime With Opera

Opera News App is a news application whose subscribers are on the fast increase. It's barely 5months into the launch and it has hit a milestone of 5million+ subscribers, all within the 4month-spell of initiation

The application is embedded with incredible recommendation engine which aims at keeping you on top of all the things you like to read and watch, as it delivers to you a variety of trending news and interesting videos and all.

More interestingly, Opera News saves up to 80% of your data, kudos to the data-saving feature.

Meanwhile, 5million+ subscribers is not enough, Opera News anticipates the subscription of more subscribers. In a bid to achieve that, Opera News is willing to handsomely pay you unlimited amount of airtime, yes! You read right, unlimited airtime because you alone can put limit to how much airtime you can get.
It's real!

How To Get Unlimited Airtime With Opera News App.

All you have to do is download the app. Upon downloading the app, you'd be awarded 50naira Airtime and this is where you airtime earning begins! Wanna earn more?

To earn more all you've to do is INVITE AND EARN!

You'd be provided a referral link and of every person you refer, you earn 100NGN airtime while the referred gets 50NGN airtime it's a win-win!

How To Share Your Invite Link

Go to your earning dashboard in your opera news app and select "invite friends". From there you can distribute your referral links to friends on social platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp e.t.c

Get Your Airtime

Go to your earning dashboard and select "buy Airtime", enter your phone number and the amount you wish to recharge and click on "GO" and you'd be recharged instantly via VTU.

It's real, it's legit!

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